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“The body of human knowledge–what may need to be taught–is greater than ever before.”


Stories of Success in Higher Education

There really is good news in higher education…

Your host, Bob Atkins chats with successful leaders who share stories of growth and gains at colleges and universities. From serious stories about enrollment growth to amusing antidotes about what really goes on behind the office of the provost, GROW, GROW, GROW aims to shine a light on the positive outcomes, and the many successes that are happening all over American campuses.

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Bob Atkins, CEO and Founder

What should we teach?

This is a book for anyone who seeks a proven system for making better academic program decisions at their college, university, or institution of higher education or adult learning.

This book is intended to help you make better-informed decisions. It will describe the data you need and how to organize it. It will propose a process that brings together faculty and administrators and teaches them how to use the data to inform their judgment and make better decisions. It will prepare you to do the work yourself, or find outside help that has valid data, effective software, and proven processes for making program decisions. It will prepare you to better answer the question:  What should we teach?

Why this book? Why now?

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Bob Atkins works with colleges and universities on strategy, market analysis, academic economics, academic program evaluation and management, campus location optimization, and pricing. A well-seasoned speaker and presenter, Bob can speak with expertise on everything from student demand trends to the future of skills and the labor market.